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Tuesday, 09 October 2007
61 pieces orchestra   

I got a chance to see 61 pieces orchestra last week with my Timothy Discipleship's group. What an outstanding performance I have ever seen in the musical industry. Kyoko Takezawa is the violin guest star from Japan. Her emotional power, musical sensitivity, flawless technique, and a tone remarkable for its haunting beauty are the qualities that have established KYOKO TAKEZAWA as one of today's foremost violinists. Ms. Takezawa's interpretive insight and virtuosity, which are matched by a riveting platform manner, have made her a sought-after soloist with many of the world's leading orchestras.

What make me envy about this orchestra is the spirit of excellent and unity behind of the music performance. I could not imagine how wonderful is the sound in God's ear if the churches in the whole world can move and live in one unity as the body of Christ. It will bring unspeakable impact to the life of the unbeliever. Just like the prayer of Jesus that said 'let them (the disciples) become ONE, so that the world may now I (Christ) was send from God.

After all, I am really entertained and satisfied with their performance. The experience tonight have inspired me so much with an insight in the area of harmony and unity.

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